Angel's View​​​​​​​
It is impossible to see the angel unless you first have a notion of it.
The premiere collection of images from the series Bodies of Light is now available on OpenSea. Each image is a unique 1/1. Each is of a different model. 
Bodies of Light is a series of miniature nudes captured with a Lytro® Gen 1 light field camera. It is, quite likely, the only body of work on the blockchain to have been captured with this camera. 
All images were originally captured between 2013 and 2020, but were rendered in 2021 and thereafter. The original images are a mere 1080 pixels square - an appropriate size for these intimate works.
To see the images given a sense of scale, please visit the Luminosem Oncyber virtual gallery.
For more information on the series as a whole click on "About" in the menu above.
The first ten images from "Angel's View"
"Angel's View" will be deployed in two drops of ten images, for a total of 20 Images. The second drop will take place 45 days after the first or once 80% (eight) of the first ten images are sold. 
In the future, additional collections from the series Bodies of Light will be rolled out. Several have already been planned. Each is focused around a different aspect of the series - pose, characteristic, model, etc. 
The next collection, "The People Who Are", will be dropped together with  "Angel's View" and will comprise one image of each of the 120+ models in the series. It will build slowly with one or two images added per week added until the collection is complete.
Notes for Collectors
First purchase collectors of the first drop of 10 images will receive a signed print of the image they have purchased once the first drop (10 images) is sold.  Printed images are 4 in/10 cm square and printed with Epson Archival Inks on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper. I'll need a physical address for this.
As more collections are rolled out, each time an original collector purchases and holds two solo images of the same model, I will airdrop them a third of my choice. After collecting five of one model, I will airdrop a sixth. Some models will only have one image ever minted, some will have three, some will have six, some will have more; but the free drop only occurs at the first two and first five images collected and held by the original purchaser of any given model.

There will be images of couples and thruples and quads coming out as well. The first time an original collector purchases and holds one image of each individual in a grouping, I will airdrop them an image of the group (again, my choice). 
Limits are in place on numbers of airdrops due to the number of quality images I have of individuals and mixes.
N.B. The individuals and mixes captured in these images came to me to be photographed in their own arrangements. These are actual loving and wonderful people who allowed me to photograph them in exchange for my photography (each got the entire unvarnished set of images, as well as 12 polished images of their choice, plus some of my choice if I thought they missed a beauty. I have a trust relationship with each of these persons, and it is not my intention to diminish that trust or comment on their relationships in any way through this offer. It is strictly a matter of my trying to encourage collection, and recognition that as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, different collectors may naturally navigate toward different individuals. 
Thank you for your interest,
Brad Milton
a.k.a. Luminosem
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