About the Work 
Photography is an investigation - a study of light, subject and technology. For many years, I worked primarily in spherical panoramic photography - environmental portraiture in which I sought to put context to activity, and show artifice within reality. With the release of the Lytro first generation field of light camera I inverted that perspective, moving from broad-scope, comprehensive images to tightly constrained works that play with variable depth in a very narrow field of view. Learning to use the camera – learning its idiosyncrasies as well as its features – lead to more experimentation, and ultimately to this collection. Within Bodies of Light human form is the context, and within that exists a new topology of abstract as well as structural relations.

All of the images in the collection were captured under identical studio conditions – a single point light source, an entirely black field - only the subjects changed. All of the subjects were volunteers - everyday people drawn to the project by seeing sample works, having an interest in participating in the project and in seeing how they, themselves, would be revealed.  

The final images have been desaturated to mitigate variance in color rendition, but little retouching has been done -  allowing the subjects to reveal themselves.

The images are sometimes abstract, sometimes explicit, but are more evocative than suggestive. They demonstrate beauty in small detail as well as the whole of the human form.

The original images are 1084 pixels square. In print: four inches square – an appropriate size for intimate works.

About the Artist
I am a US-born architect, artist, and photographer. My projects follow my interests, are largely investigative, and naturally flow from my curiosity. Experimentation sometimes leads to commitment.

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